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Spare Parts

Our Scope of Service also includes sales and supply of all kinds of Reverse Osmosis (RO) spare parts and consumables. We have a good stock of ro water purifier spares such as RO Cabinets, RO Booster Pump, RO Membrane, UF Membrane, Membrane Housing, Filter Housing, Filter cartridges, UV Set, UV Choke, Float, Inline Filter set, Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter, Water Purifier cabinets, water filtration equipment, vessels, multi port valves, filter sand, activated carbon, iron removal media Katalox Light, MNO2, water softener resins etc.

RO Water Purifier Cabinets

Water Purifier RO Adapator SMPS

Water Purifier RO Alkaline Cartridges

Water Purifier RO Booster Pumps

Water Purifier RO Fittings

Water Purifier RO Inline filters

Water Purifier RO Membranes

Water Purifier UV Sets

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