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Water Dispensers

Aqua One Water Care’s scope of services includes High Quality Customized Water Dispensers with or without water purifier with normal, hot and cold options. These products are made in stainless steel with full frame construction that last for 10-15 years. Our RO/UV/Ozone stainless steel water cooler / dispenser and water purifier with outlets for warm, cold and hot water, are equipped with microcontroller based PCB and preventive maintenance information display to ensure 100 per purity. Our Water Dispenser-Purifiers are coming with the option of choosing water purification methods (RO, UV, and Ozone) depending on the quality of feed water. All our products, having been ensured stringent quality checks, come with one year onsite warranty.
These Water Dispenser-Purifiers are best suited for Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Industries, Business Establishments, Public Utilities, Group Dwelling, etc.

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