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Presence of Iron in Drinking Water

Presence of Iron in water often makes it unfit for human consumption.  Both in surface water or bore well water, presence of iron has always been a matter of concern. Although low level presence of iron in drinking water does not create a health risk to humans but it can cause unpleasing taste and odor. 

These iron particles come in water due to the large amounts of iron present in the soil. Ground Water when pumped out is usually either color less or transparent. However, when it comes in contact with oxygen, it becomes of reddish-brown particle called rust.

Iron is found in water in two forms: 1. Dissolved iron (Ferrous Iron -Fe2) and Oxidized form (Ferric Iron -Fe3). Water containing ferrous iron is clear and colorless since the iron present in the water is completely in dissolved state and when this water is exposed to air, the water turns cloudy and reddish brown sediment begins to form. This sediment is the oxidized form (ferric) of Iron.

Although Iron is often present in water, it is rarely found at concentrations greater than 10 mg/L i.e. 10ppm. As little as 0.3ppm iron can cause water to turn a reddish brown color.

Iron Removal Filter

Iron Removal Filters are designed for removing the excess iron content present in the feed water. Oxidation filtration is the most widely used iron removal process to remove naturally occurring iron and manganese from water. For this complete iron and manganese removal process an iron removal filter is utilized.

What is the use of iron removal filter?

An Iron removal filter is a kind of filter that removes iron from the water. These systems are designed for removing the excess iron content present in the water. It helps to treat the excess iron of water by oxidation filtration method.

Iron Removal Process

The process through which iron is removed from water is known as Oxidation Filtration that involves the oxidation of the dissolved forms of Iron and Manganese to their oxidized forms and then removal by filtration method. Mostly, the working principle of removing iron content from the water is the oxidization of iron. In this process, iron’s ferrous or dissolved (soluble) state is converted to a ferric or undissolved form. After that, when the conversion takes place, the ferric form of iron precipitates on the filter bed.

How to find out the Iron presence in Water

How can we get to know whether our water contains an excessive amount of iron? If your water (mainly bore well water) has a foul odor of a rotten egg or is reddish-brown, then your water may have an excessive iron presence in it.  If the water when pumped out appears clear and turns cloudy after some time of exposure with air, then the water has an iron presence.

Whole House Water Filters that that Removes Iron from Water

If your water smells of rotten eggs or is reddish-brown in color, there is an excessive iron content in your water. Aqua One Water Care Systems provide various types of systems for the removal of iron from Water.  Besides conventional methods, we have introduced an all-new Iron Removal Filter that doesn’t use electricity to provide you clean and iron free water. Our Iron Removal filters are equipped with world renowned iron removal media such as Katalox Light and Purolite filter media. Our back washable filters require low maintenance.

Aqua One filtration system is able to remove both the forms of iron (Ferrous and Ferric), manganese and hydrogen sulfide present in well water.

Is there a filter to remove iron from water?

Aqua One whole house Iron Removal water filter system is designed for iron removal and is the best way to remove ferrous and ferric iron from water. The water filter you need to choose will depend on the level of iron you need to remove from water.

 What is the best way for the removal of iron from water?

The oxidation process can be achieved through chemical injection, catalytic media such as Katalox Light or Purolite, or by aeration. Once all the iron is in the ferric state, it can be filtered though the water filter.

The filter captures the precipitated iron thus leaving the water iron-free. The system is maintained with periodic backwashing to remove the precipitated iron and less frequently to refresh the oxidizing ability of some of the filter media.

Do iron filters need maintenance?

Similar to other filtration systems, Aqua One Iron Removal filters require maintenance. Without regular maintenance, iron-sand filtration media can become clogged and the filter may not be able to pass the water through filter media bed. This can lead to stagnant water, iron fouling, and reduction or elimination of pollutant removal capacity.

What Makes the Water Iron Free?

The iron filter uses high quality filtration medias such as Katalox Light or Purolite  along with Activated Carbon and sand media. The high-quality media ensures efficient removal of iron particles present in water and at the same time increases the life of the filter.


Does the Water Filter increase the life of kitchen and Bathroom Appliances?

By removing the  iron content from water, this filter prevents scaling on kitchen and bathroom appliances and increases their life.



Does the Iron Removal Filter need Regeneration?

Not all filter media need Regeneration for the filter to operate efficiently but periodic backwashing is a must . All you need to do is turn the knob to reverse the flow of water to flush out sediments. This is an easy process and will not require much effort to do it.

Does the Water Filter need Electricity

It doesn’t require electricity to remove iron from water to make it clean. The filter is based on mechanical / chemical process.

Where do we do our installations?

Our services are mainly available in the State of Kerala, especially in Ernakulam, Kottayam, Idukki, Pathanamthitta, Alapuzha and Kollam Districts.

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